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About us

Elaine Essien has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years and counting. Elaine heard the calling on her life to pursue esthetics 7 months after graduating at the University at Albany. While living in New York City, and working in the corporate world. Each day of her working in corporate, she realized that corporate wasn’t for her, and she felt no sense of belonging there.
Elaine knew deep down that she had a bigger calling on her life. After taking the risk of quitting her job, and enrolling in Esthetics School. She realized the lack of knowledge dermatologist, and other licensed professionals had when it came to the skin of darker complexions. Many licensed professionals were scared to perform proper treatment on people of color. Or they just didn’t know how…
Elaine decided to bridge that gap. She decided to open up her own spa in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 with no fear because she knew this is what she was born to do. After 7 years in the makeup industry. Her goal was to not only provide proper treatment to people of color, but to also provide an unforgettable experience and connection with her clients! Elaine’s goal since her childhood was to always make people look, and feel their best. Making other feel beautiful, brought her so much joy and still does today!